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Welcome to Magwise!

The the amount of people online and internet-savvy is increasing daily. New powerful, internet-ready devices are coming out equally as fast. Also with the increasing use of mobile applications like Android Apps, iPad, and iPhone, people are turning their attention and starting to read magazines, brochures, catalogs, books, newspapers & newsletters online. With all the people now using smart devices and websites to increase their options, are they able to find your publication onine?

Magwise is a digital publishing company offering our clients the ability to reach readers around the world through the use of digital publication and mobile apps for publishers everywhere. We take any type of publication, and through the use of our flippable page software, and we feed your publication electronically to your readers' favorite device. Some people will always prefer the nostalgic look and feel of a physical printed publication in their hands, but everyone can appreciate having that exact same publication available anywhere, on any internet-ready device!